Sunday, January 14, 2007

Maverick at the Movies Year End Wrap Up Replay

Due to a faulty transmitter, 89.7 KMSU FM had some broadcasting problems Saturday night through Sunday morning. The problem was fixed during the broadcast of Maverick at the Movies, so the 2006 Year End Wrap Up will be rebroadcast next week, Sunday, January 21st.

A text version of the show's content will appear on the "features" section of the show's website very soon.

PS3623.A7363 T54 2006

PS3623.A7363 T54 2006 is the call number of The Prince, my Master of Fine Arts thesis. It is now available to be checked out from Minnesota State University's library.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Maverick at the Movies: 2006 in Review

Although it is almost mid-January, I will finally be doing my 2006 End of the Year Wrap Up on Maverick at the Movies this Sunday, January 14th. I will name my picks of the best and worst films of the year and make some observations about the trends in movies throughout the year. Tune in to see if your favorite films made the cut.

Maverick at the Movies airs on Sundays at 11 AM on 89.7 KMSU FM.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Static Update

As many of you may be aware, there was no December issue of Static magazine. There will be no January issue either, as the magazine is currently undergoing a makeover of content, staff, and style. Rest assured, however, that the magazine is not dead, just regrouping. Stay tuned for further developments.